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If you are looking for a professional mastering service, and you like how Baci releases sound, we offer you a fast and convenient solution with our online mastering service. At the price of only 15€ per track, we'll send you the mastered track together with its Mp3 version and a short preview with fade in/out for your social profiles. It normally takes 1 day to have the work done, but when we are very busy it can take up to 2-3 business days, so please advise us about possible urgencies. Here following our guideline:

1) Save your file in wav/aiff audio format, preferably at 16bit, 44.100 KHz and at -3dB

2) Do not use limiters, eq, compressors, reverb o fxs on master channel.

3) Name the track with the criteria " artist name + title ".

4) Complete the following form with your infos and use the upload bottom under the form to upload your audio files or send us an email to with a link to download from sendspace, wetransfer, dropbox etc.

5) We'll send you a cut of 2 minutes of the mastered track so that you can listen to it and the Paypal payment instructions.

6) Once payment via Paypal is received, we'll send you the mastered track, its Mp3 version and the preview.


Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.


Click on the image to open WeTransfer. 

Add your file and send it to 

(Alternatively you can use SendSpace, DropBox or other free services).

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