Born in Milan, Roberta Baci – LaBaci - grew with a father a little crazy and bohemien, that left her the heritage of an extreme passion for bossa nova, russian classic music and jazz.

He was a trumpet player for fun, but his uncle and his aunt played seriously: uncle Pino (Giuseppe Ferrari) was first cello in the Symphonic Orchestra of RAI, the italian National television, and aunt Nerina (Nerina Ferrari) was first soprano at The Scala, yes, we can say there was a certain passion for music in LaBaci’s family!

During the first 90ies she met house music, she fell in love with it and she never left it....her favorite dj at that time was Roberto Carbonero and she used to decide where to go dancing accordingly with the discos where he was playing.

Like in a romantic novel, after many years she finally met him personally and, like with his music, she fell in love with him...and it was thanks to him that she started “playing” with Logic and finally become a real music producer.

The first release was DIAMOND RINGS, remixed by Jerry K, Stefano Albanese and Lovework and still one of the best sellers of Snake Beat Records.

During 2011 she established, together with Carbonero, their own label BACI RECORDINGS, totally focused on house music, from deep to tech, through a little bit of jackin.

The most known releases from LaBaci are MY PHILOSOPHY EP – with the voice of Barack Obama and a remix version by Alene Barret; THE MACHINE’S PRAYER – a creative interpretation of Hal 9000’s deactivation; and two impressive remixes of two tracks by Gantcho, a tenor artist that share with LaBaci the passion for classic and dance music.

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Baci Recordings - Viale Monza, 8 - Milan, Italy