Jon's love for dance music started in the late 1980`s listening to acid house music and early techno.

He started collecting vinyl records as at the time it was the only way of getting the music that he liked. In the mid 1990`s he brought his first set of record decks, they were only cheap and basic but he loved them and so he became a` bedroom dj`.

At that time he started moving into playing more trance music which kept playing till a few years ago collecting more commercial music.He then got back into house music finding some of the sounds he used to like.

He started playing more underground house like tech house and deep house and he decided to try producing tracks.In 2011 he brought a music production program and started to work on making music.

Over time collecting many sample packs he started to produce fairly good music, his first few were tech house.In the beginning of 2012 Baci Recordings signed him for his first ep `funk two`that had a good success.

The next tracks he produced were more deeper and with a little guidance he changed his style to deep house.

The second EP 'relativity' was another success and confirmed his ability to create really hi quality deep house productions.

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