Dan Handrabur, native of Romania, discovered dad's tube reel to reel when was just two, threaded tape the wrong way and thus began his fascination with manipulated sound.It was only after years of classical music studies [violin and piano], radio and club djing that composition and recorded sound became his main focus.In 1980 his family fled communist ruled Romania and in 1981 Dan joined his family in Geneva, Switzerland where he continued school, furthering his studies in music theory, harmony and solfege at the Geneva conservatory.At age seventeen, after a lucky encounter with an American DJ and an immediate attraction towards mixing, scratching, djing and radio shows became so important in his life that his parents, seeing Dan's interest for school diminishing rapidly, forebode him to work in night clubs and made him sell his turntables and records.He used the money to buy a Korg Polysix and TR 606 Drumatix beat box. Many four track recordings ensued, as well as sleepless nights and missed morning classes.In 1985 Dan immigrated to Canada.Having found larger spaces on the new continent and having moved in with Cristina [future music collaborator and wife], music production, odd jobs and moving to different cities became his new life.Landed in Vancouver in 1990, made several demos, met some of the west coast’s most creative DJs and producers and by 1993 his first independent album [Outersanctum _Frequencies from the edge of the tektonic plate] was released to international critical acclaim.Played countless live gigs at festivals and outdoor gatherings,pursued recording in his home studio and collaborating with Cristina on many tracks, some of which became the building blocks for future releases like Weed,Dreamlogik,Mere Mortals,Vuemorph etc.These years also provided for a very fruitful collaboration with Phil Western with whom he has released EPs, compilation tracks and two albums Off And Gone, Floatpoint.Right after releasing Weed “Hard to kill” Dan made a difficult choice and moved back to his homeland of Romania where he began reserching for a new album and eventually released singles and album tracks for Shukar Collective's first,Urban Gypsy, a world music chart favorite.Since then he has been playing clubs and festivals alongside the Shukar bandmates, designing soundtracks for modern dance shows, constructing new releases under the names Dreamdoktor, Rubard Nah and DJ ZeVzEk.

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