Che Cherry is a quite famous African singer and she has worked with many respected artists.

Her career was managed by Sandy Smith in earlier years (Miriam Makeba’s long standing manager). She also worked with Emile Zoghby (Emile Dean – To catch my soul & Ballyhoo – Man on the moon) and Kevin Manas (Lazarus) on an album.

Recently Che Cherry was offered to travel to Egypt to start a band with Ahmed Nazmi and Moe El-Arkan after meeting Ahmed at the North Sea Jazz festival. The band was called “Zulu” and the shows were a huge success. Ahmed is the bassist for Yehya Kahlil who used to be Jimi Hendrix’s percussionist. Moe is currently with a percussion show in Egypt.

While in Egypt Che Cherry felt honored to do an improv’ Session at the Cairo Jazz club alongside Fathy Salama (Youss n’dour, Bjork & Screwdriver)

She recently learnt how to DJ, which brought about her new love for House music, and today she does vocals for a lot of producers while also working with David Maslo in a group called Maslo & Cherry.

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