Being raised and educated in classical music in her father’s choir, Cathy was urged to expand & explore her own talents and shaped her skills on the piano & violin.

These profound timeless fundamentals are still kept alive and serve as a backbone in her modern creations.

Her first success as a Singer/Songwriter in the Dance scene is with Ohmna - ‘The Sun’ll Shine’, which was a huge success on Tiesto’s compilation CD S.O.S 6.

Founder of the legendary Sunday after-parties (Chakraparty) in the Netherlands for 12 years and which is still a milestone which has ever increasing enthusiasts.

In 2013 she became Singer/Songwriter of Jazz/Lounge project Shakes + Seven, and started to do recording, editing and producing. This episode of discovery and experimentation ended with her creating her own electronica tracks.


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Baci Recordings - Viale Monza, 8 - Milan, Italy